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Im no longer a natural housewife, Im a natural stay at home mom! November 20, 2011

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Yes, its true! I disappeared after CNA school to be a mom =D I have no idea why I didn’t update during my long pregnancy including bed rest, but I was to busy researching baby things and how I was going to transfer my frugal, natural lifestyle into on that included my beautiful baby boy. Ill be updating again shortly, possible my first post on cloth diapering!


Crafty Me! October 27, 2010

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Sorry i have not posted in a while! I attending Nursing Assistant school and ive been soooo busy!
Getting ready for the holidays and im getting crafty!
Looky what i found!


Natural Massage! August 16, 2010

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So I am on my honeymoon and to my surprise the spa I had my massage at offered a natural lotion. I had a tahiti escape spa massage package and they used pure virgin coconut oil. I was so happy i didn’t have to put a chemical laden product on every inch of my skin.

Well I am off to the buffet! Happy natural living =D


POLL August 9, 2010

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Throwing A Party, The Green Way

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This Saturday is my wedding! We are attempting to throw this wedding to make it less wasteful and more green! I am using Origins makeup and sticking with my beauty regimen of baking soda and castile soap. I swapped out my lavender essential oil to rose essential oil to give myself a feminine bridal feel. My dress, worn once before by a lady whom I bought off of ebay. Invites, on simple white card that are made from recycled paper and I never sent save the dates. But you can also throw green birthday parties, graduations, and dinner parties:


  • Rent plates or china to save waste, and they really are not expensive!
  • Same with silverware, serving dishes, and cups.
  • Use linens instead of plastic table cloths, and use cloth napkins
  • Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose!
  • Make sure when you clean up you recycle all bottles and cans!
  • Try to use nature to cool your event, don’t shove everyone into an air conditioned banquet room.
  • Decorations lay around your house all day, the way you put it together adds the finishing touch!
  • Buy local flowers or use potted plants and display in vintage vases borrowed from you grandmother or mix and match all the vases you have!
  • Cloth scraps can be turned into cloth flowers! Look online for DIY Decor
  • Buy all your products in recyclable packaging, or none at all! Think cardboard and instead of using plastic, use cloth!
  • Don’t turn on decorative lights until it gets dark! Leaving them on during light hours is a waste.
  • Buy your new outfit from a vintage store, or a thrift store, give a killer dress a new life!
  • Think local, local wines, restaurants, and flowers support your community and are fresh! If it is local it hasn’t been shipped thousands of miles on planes, trains, and trucks to get to you!
  • Serve a vegetarian dinner, It will save you money and you can go more elaborate with the food, serving indian, and greek dishes like falafel and fancy salads! You save carbon emissions eating a veggie diet.

Well thats all I have for today! I’m going to paint up some old chalk boards to make them look glamourous to direct my guests for the day! Have a good week!


Aluminium- the toxin you liberally apply daily August 7, 2010

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Here is a task for you. Go get your deodorant/antiperspirant. Read the ingredients label and see if it contains aluminum which is a known toxin to store in your brain and cause Alzheimer’s and an increase of breast cancer. I don’t know about you but even if that chance is slim, I am not willing to take that chance! So i have a homemade frugal remedy for you!

I found this recipe from natural homemaking. I’m going to make it once my toms of maine is out and im going to scoop this paste into its empty container!


How safe are your cosmetics? August 4, 2010

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Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask

Today I want to talk about

It is a cosmetics safety database where you can look at the safety of your products with a rating 0-10. 10 being the most toxic and 0 being the safest. I try to get all my cosmetics within the 0-1 range. On a daily basis I do not wear makeup. And as i discussed in my first post i cleanse my skin with baking soda and water and spray with rose water for moisture. Now i have very fair skin and my concern is skin cancer. I have already had over 5 biopsies and they have found atypical cells within a mole at 19!!! So I must go in for surgery and get cut up because of too much sun exposure. I am on the search for a good, safe sunscreen because using a natural oil for protection is not going to work for me. I currently use proactive moisturizer with SPF 15 which is not adequate enough for long term. I currently am not outside much except for a quick watering of my garden so I am not concerned for now.

The research i have done on sunscreens was rather startling.

Sunscreen causing cancer?!?!?! Oh my! So now i have banned sunscreen until i find one within the 0-1 range of safety.

I am going to go with california baby or badger sunscreens from now on!

Stay out of the sun or wear a heavy, chemical free sunscreen! Happy summer everyone!