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Homemade Facial Masks for everyone August 5, 2010

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In 9 days my husband and I are having our wedding. Due to deployment and not knowing where we would end up we decided to get married quick in the winter and then when my family could travel from Germany we would have our Wedding. Well the big day is almost here! I may not blog the next week or two, but im sure you understand =D

I already talked about the strawberries and honey, now i have three new ones I’ve been doing this week.

Cucumber redness calming mask:


1 cucumber

plain yogurt

mashed fresh cranberries


grate the entire cucumber with a cheese grater. Then add 1 tbls plain yogurt and 1tbls of the mashed cranberries. Mix to create a paste

then leave it on 5-10 minuets and wash with warm water. I recommend spritzing with cool rose water when finished.

Papaya Brightening Facial:


3 tbls Mashed Papaya

2 tbls Mashed bannana

2 tbls milk

1tbls coconut water

1tbls plain yogurt


mash all the ingredients in a bowl to have a thick consistency

stick it into the refrigerator for an hour or two.

Smooth over the face and leave on for 5 minuets. Then rinse with cool water and spritz clean skin with rose water.

Pumpkin for Acne prone skin:


1tsp canned pumpkin puree

1tsp honey

1tsp cider vinegar

1tsp flour (i use whole wheat)

1 egg


Beat mixture until smooth

Avoid your eye area and smooth onto skin and leave on for 20 mins

rinse with lukewarm water and spritz with rose water.

Hope these masks work for you guys! And remember to check for food allergies before using these! Oh and try not too eat them! lol, oh wait you can!!!!!


Sugaring for hair removal August 4, 2010

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So I ventured into having my hair removed naturally without spending tons of money and without using chemicals. I found sugaring, not sugar gel but paste.


2cups white sugar

2tbls lemon juice

1cup water


Put all the ingredients into a sauce pan and bring to a boil stirring constantly.

Once it boils bring it down to medium heat and let it simmer until it turns an amber brown. Not carmel but amber color.

Remove from heat and let it cool.

WARNING: This is HOT!!!! Do not even attempt to touch it for at least 20 mins!!!

Once it cools down safe enough for heavy duty plastic pour into that container and refrigerate for 30 mins. It should be like a hard gel.

Take a glob of it into your hand and roll it into a ball. Then apply it onto freshly washed skin with baby powder or cornstarch lightly powdered on. Apply it against the growth of the hair and pull it off with the hair growth. this is opposite to waxing. Or you can add more water to your mixture and use it like you would wax with a gel. When mine became to warm and soft i used leftover strips from making my cloth napkins for waxing. It  takes some practice to get this all just right. I have found exfoliating and doing this after a shower works best. Each glob of sugar paste can be rolled up and used several times.

more articles on the process:

GOODLUCK and remember: BE VERY CAREFUL not to BURN yourself! And this mixture can be stored in the fridge for later use. Think NADS!


Natural, Affordable, Personal Care August 3, 2010

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After visiting i realized how chemical laden my personal care products have become. I started to get scared to why cosmetic companies are not warning us about the safety of our products. more than one of my facial cleansers had a warning of 10 and my deodorant  had aluminum which had a direct link to breast tumors and cancer. With my new lifestyle change i decided i needed to find a better way to cleanse and perfume my body. So like i said in my intro this all started with aromatherapy. I do skip out on moisturizer and blend jojoba oil with lavender essential oil. The lavender relaxes me and the jojoba is amazing for my skin. it feels greasy at first but I let it soak in then run a towel over my legs to absorb excess oils. I use Desert Essence jojoba oil which i buy at Trader Joes.
For my deodorant i currently use Toms of Maine lavender and i also have apricot for a lighter scent. I am pleased with it although on really hot days i find i have to reapply. For an at home alternative i have yet to try but looks promising:
Once my toms of maine runs out i will make this recipe from passionatehomemaking which has hundreds of other ideas on homemade laundry soap and dishwashing detergents. Beware i tried her homemade shampoo and I disliked it!
For my face i am combination skin with some acne. Now that i eat less and less processed foods and more whole foods i have noticed a dramatic change in my skin. I was using proactive before but instead of buying another $20 bottle of face was i decided to go into my pantry and see what i could whip up for virtually free. If i am oily i use plain old baking soda and water. I keep a little baby food jar of baking soda near my sink and i make a paste with water in my hand and scrub my face. I rinse really well with warm water and my face is clean! And i have not had a breakout since. Now the baking soda can be a little harsh if you have more sensitive skin and i advice not to use it everyday, twice and day, forever. So as we speak I have mashed strawberries with honey as a mask. I mash the strawberries with a potato masher and mix in honey and leave it on my face until it is dry. The acid in strawberries and the antibacterial agent in honey gets all the excess dirt and oil trapped in my pores to make my skin glow.
Now for the rest of my body in the shower i use a plain vegetable soap i bought for $1.99 at Henreys Farmers Market.
And for my hair I use Dr Bronner’s Castile soap. I use the baby one since it is unscented and all i do is add tea tree oil and lavender essential oil, about 10 drops each per 2oz of soap. It lathers up really good, but it leaves your hair with a weird feeling which i have come to tolerate. It does leave tangles but i put apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the ends of my hair to make it silky smooth. Just rinse really well so you don’t stink! My husband says my hair smells like toasted marshmallows!
For all brunettes i suggest doing a coffee rinse once a week to keep your hair rich in color. It lasts about 3 washes so you can stretch it to a week. I wash my hair everyday so i only get the rich color for about three days. All you do is brew some decaf coffee in triple strength and rinse your hair with it three times. On the last rinse leave it in and throw on a shower cap and watch a movie or do something for about 30mins-1hour. then rinse with cold water. Your hair will be noticeably even color from root to tip.
This is a great website for other ingredents for natural shampoos.
As for hair removal, im working on that one! So come back to hear about natural sugar waxing and if it works or not! As of now im growing out my hair so it is long enough for the wax to pull on it!