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Gardening in small spaces August 4, 2010

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Like i mentioned in my About Me we are a military family, or should I say couple…

Well anyways we live in military issued housing. It is what is best for us at the moment since we get alot of room for our money and it is a 20 min drive to work for my hunny since he takes accountability at 5:30am. Anyways we have a small patio that gets sun for 6 hours a day and I made a quick, easy, and cheap container garden.


Plants of your choice (or seeds if you have patience) or a mixture of the two

A large tub


3 very large bags of Vegetable soil

gravel or woodchips

two blocks of wood or two buckets- something to prop it off the ground with

So I decided to grow Patio tomatoes, red and green bell peppers, basil, and lavender.

From seeds i decided to grow spinach and butter head lettuce since they didn’t have them sprouted at Lowe’s.


Take your large tub (i used a rubbermaid knock off from my garage that had my hubs deployment gear stored in it) and drill enough holes for adequate drainage. Do about 1/8″ drill bit about 10 times on the bottom and twice on the lower sides. Prop your tub up on some materials so it will drain out. Then fill the bottom with gravel or wood chips before dumping your giant bags of soil in.

Once you soil is filled leave about 2″ of space before the brim of the bucket so it wont overflow when watering.

Then plant your plants according to directions!

I also sprout lettuce from seeds. I used yogurt cups with holes poked into the bottom and also a cardboard egg container:

So now i have tomatoes ripening and bell peppers on the way! Happy gardening!


No more paper napkins! August 3, 2010

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So this morning i decided to make myself a nice set of cloth napkins to use for dining. I hate wasting our money on paper napkins you have to buy over and over again. I’m trying to generate less waste in our house and replacing paper towels and napkins is the best way!


a twin flat sheet

or i had two king pillowcases i didn’t use




Cut the fabric so it is flat

then measure out 17″ horizontally and cut into strips

cut in half to make 2ft diagonal squares

Then fold the edges over and iron them. I did a double fold to make it look nice.

Then sew the edges. I used a zig zag stitch to make it more fun!

There you go! If you used the two king pillow cases you should have about 8 napkins.

If you used the twin sheet your will get about 20! Use the leftover scraps as rags or baby wipes! Now you can use these forever and never have to waste your money on paper napkins again!


Cleaning your home naturally

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one thing i have found to work well for my kitchen and bathroom cleaners is simply and has been used for hundreds of years;

vinegar and water.

My solution:

1/3 cup vinegar

fill a quart spray bottle with the vinegar then add water and shake.

For a windex replacement:

1/4 cup vinegar

1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

fill rest of spray bottle with water

My scented solution:

20 drops lavendar essential oil

20 drops tea tree oil

fill remainder quart spray bottle with water.

The antiseptic, antiviral, fungicidal, insecticidal, and bactericidal properties of these two oils make them perfect for cleaning.


Composting raw waste for gardening

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Worm Composting

This week i occupied my free time (Im on summer break from school) with starting a worm composting system along with a container garden. I had a great time doing it and spend very little money to my surprise! I used the web site listed below as a guide and  took her advise and purchased the $4 bucket and walmart and i also chose to purchase my redworms there from the fishing aisle.

I gathered:
food scraps
metal skewer
two cans to prop in up on
and a shady spot on my back patio

You need to start by shredding the newspaper and layering it along with compostable food and more scraps of newspaper. make sure you add newspaper!!! Here is a helpful guideline with a video!