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About Me August 3, 2010

I started this blog back in 2010 when I was a newly wed and a full time student. Now my husband and I have a beautiful baby boy and we celebrated our 2 year anniversary in December! I talked about how our lifestyle was making our money dissapear!  I have my hobbies (shopping, shopping, shopping!) and my husband has his (RC cars, fish tanks and video games!) it all seems to add up pretty quickly! Along with our excess spending even after our limited bills we never seem to keep our savings account packed for long. Along with me noticing our waste with our money I have started to notice our waste from our lifestyle. We generate ALOT of trash for just the two of us. I cleaned with paper towels, mop with chemicals and disposable swiffer pads. I decided to do some research to reduce my grocery bill for cleaning supplies and anything else i could. I always grew up with a crafty mother and father and we lived very comfortably up until the day i left home. My mother grew up in Germany and my father here in Covina, CA. We always had a compost pile and chickens and the importance of recycling was ingrained in me from an early age. I always thought it was dumb and when i moved out i bought all the best cleaning supplies and brand names for my home. After some long afternoons and alot of searching around the internet i was shocked to the amount of toxins i have been exposing myself too. I was plagued by headaches constantly and I hate going through the military medical system for something so “little” so i ventured into aromatherapy. Illustrated Elements Of Aromatherapy by Clare Walters got me thinking about making my own beauty products! Using natural ingredients made me feel so much better. Now i am on a path to clean eating, natural house cleaning and being natural. Now after having lots of little “tricks” in place our savings is overflowing! We are so excited to finally have at least 6 months of pay saved up in the bank!


On a side note try this experiment (or not….):

Take 1clove of garlic and turn it into a paste

now rub that paste on the bottoms of your feet.

within 5 mins you will be able to taste the garlic in your mouth!

This is mind blowing to me and just illustrates how absorbent our skin is! I recently did a coffee rinse on my hair with caffeinated coffee and i was wired all night!

So I decided to share these new findings and a way to be frugal and eco friendly since alot of my friends have started to move out and be on their own. Enjoy and I share my journey with you!


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Kim Says:

    Great idea for a blog! Love the garlic experiment – I’d never heard of that before.

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