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Baby Wearing! December 7, 2011

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One thing I have been meaning to talk about is how amazing baby wearing is! I have 4 different carriers and my son loves them all! Its a lifesaver for when I’m away for whomever is caring for him! Its like baby ambien when he is sleepy. I have the ERGO which i recommend for when babies re a bit older and have good head control. But as newborns you must get a moby wrap! They are a bit tricky to use but after putting it on a few times you will be a pro. I still use the moby around the house with DS and he is almost four months! Also a ring sling is great for quick trips are a quick walk around the house to put the baby to sleep. I don’t recommend it for long periods of time since it gets a bit uncomfy. The carriers simulate the movement they felt in the womb and they get to be snuggled up to the person they love most. My husband always mentions that he would LOVE to be carried around by me all day all snuggled close! (NERD i know =D) Also baby wearing make breastfeeding easy and accessible while doing errands. I nursed walking through sea world and costco in my ergo. DS like to peek out the side of the head flap to watch whats going on during his meal. Im pretty sure none even knows I’m nursing him also. Well here are a few photos of the carriers I have. I don’t have on of me with the maya wrap but maybe ill add one soon! Anyone else like to wear your baby?

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